Backstage: Debugging Jest tests

Jest This will be a short blog how to set up your Webstorm instance to debug Backstage and its Jest tests. If you are getting Jest encountered an unexpected token on a Backstage repo while debugging with Webstorm. Run configurations “Edit configurations…” “Edit configuration templates” “Jest” Add the following test “Jest options” --config node_modules/@backstage/cli/config/jest.js This will use the jest config, also used by backstage-cli. Ensure that the working directory is set to that directory which contains root package....

March 24, 2024 · Sebastian Poxhofer

Building a developer portal the OpenSource way: An introduction to Backstage

As I have been invited to hold on the first occurrence of the “CloudNative Meetup: St.Pölten”, there have been a single topic which would fit that opportunity. Backstage

February 22, 2024 · Sebastian Poxhofer